Sleeping late on Saturday...

What do you love to do? I've decided that what I really look forward to is: sleeping in on Saturday morning! Yes, I know I am missing all the yard sale bargains and the coolest part of the summer days to garden... but those things can't compare with sleeping until I am good and READY to get up on Saturday morning (or afternoon!) So, now you've been warned - I INTEND to post things here often, but... I might just be sleeping instead!

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Jan 2009 Family group

Okay-- I KNOW it's JUNE already... but, hey, I have been really busy! And I decided that I wanted to post this family group shot, because now I know how unique it will be--there probably won't be a shot of this group together ever again. But we did have a good time gathering in January '09 when this was taken; well, at least I did...

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Blogger Muum said...

Hey-ya! I knew you'd update when you had a chance to come up for air. nice pic.

7:17 AM  

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