Sleeping late on Saturday...

What do you love to do? I've decided that what I really look forward to is: sleeping in on Saturday morning! Yes, I know I am missing all the yard sale bargains and the coolest part of the summer days to garden... but those things can't compare with sleeping until I am good and READY to get up on Saturday morning (or afternoon!) So, now you've been warned - I INTEND to post things here often, but... I might just be sleeping instead!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

One More

Just couldn't resist!
This is one of my favortie Iris blossoms- and it's a good thing I took this picture when I did, because shortly after it was taken this Iris decided to lay itself down on my sidewalk so it could get just a little more sunlight! (SOMEbody planted it in too much shade, I guess!)


Blogger Muum said...

lovely!!! I am looking forward to my irises, soon, too!!! post more pics!!!

11:02 AM  

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